Trigger finger and strattera

Trigger finger and strattera

This might sound lame, but it's probably the best description of what trigger finger and strattera you'll think after you've had a good dose of their debut «Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time». Some weird guys from Poland jump into the fantasy power metal scene.
After a couple of demos about demons and trigger finger and strattera dragons and oracles, much like a wayward offspring of early '00 s Italian power metal, these guys get their thing together and produce singulair is a an upscaled, bit-by-bit pure power metal full-length. That means four years of work…and you can tell they worked their asses off. Not 'work' as in adding synth layers upon synth layers to produce substance-less, trigger finger and strattera shiny and trigger finger and strattera pretentious crap that the latest Wintersun largely consists of, but work as in showing some great guitar skills, talented use of other instruments, a wonderful harmony of vocals and a bombastic element in every song that would make any Rhapsody fan drop plavix 75 milligrams synthroid their Symphony of Enchanted Lands to the ground and cry tears of trigger finger and strattera joy. Well, Pathfinder sure ain't a breath of originality to the genre. The cover has an trigger finger and strattera all-high and mighty ventolin wirkstoff warrior looking up to the sky, while the band's logo has trigger finger and strattera TWO dragons (a la Galneryus) in it.

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