Synthroid its side effects

Synthroid its side effects

Because animal viagra by mail reproduction herbal viagra tea studies are not always predictive of the human response, what synthroid its side effects receptors does singulair work on this drug should be used during pregnancy only if clearly needed. Clindamycin has the potential to cause adverse effects on the breast-fed infant's gastrointestinal synthroid its side effects flora. If oral or synthroid its side effects intravenous clindamycin is required by a nursing mother, synthroid its side effects it is not a reason to discontinue breastfeeding, but an alternate drug synthroid its side effects may be preferred. Monitor the breast-fed infant for possible adverse effects on the gastrointestinal flora, such as diarrhea, candidiasis (thrush, diaper rash) or rarely, blood in synthroid its side effects the stool indicating possible antibiotic-associated colitis. These patients should be carefully monitored for the development of diarrhea. The synthroid its side effects onset of pseudomembranous colitis symptoms may occur during or after antibacterial treatment (see WARNINGS). Vesiculobullous rashes, as well as urticaria, have been observed during drug therapy.
Severe skin reactions such as Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, some with fatal outcome, have been reported (See WARNINGS). Cases of Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis (AGEP), erythema multiforme, some resembling Stevens-Johnson syndrome, anaphylactic shock, anaphylactic reaction and hypersensitivity have also been reported. No direct etiologic relationship to concurrent clindamycin therapy could be made in any of the foregoing.

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